My friend Jonathan Weiler has a sports media blog and posts some great stuff. There were a couple of recent ones that will be of interest to all you hoopsheads.

He tackles the Ben Wallace mess here.

I largely agree with him. I mean, how petty can you be and how stupid is it to sign a guy whose trademark is his headband-supported afro then tell him he can’t wear a headband. BUT I think Jonathan is too reflexively defensive of Big Ben. As I’ve written before up here, Ben is one of my favorite players of the last five years, maybe my very favorite, but he has a long history of being a grumpy malcontent. Goven that and given everything else.. the big money deal which make his limitation not so easy to overlook… Skiles’ own intensity, etc.. this all seems inevitable now doesn’t it?

You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry and I bet Ben isn’t feeling so unloved in Detroit any more.

I also like how Jonathan explains why Isiah is even worse than you think.