A Jeremy Lin Documentary is Being Created

by April 09, 2012

You just knew that it was only a matter of time until Hollywood took a closer look at “Linsanity”. According to the LA Times, the Jeremy Lin documentary is being shopped to various studios: “Lin is the subject of a documentary that is being pitched to distributors in Hollywood by agency CAA; footage is currently being assembled. According to a person familiar with the pitch who was not authorized to talk about it publicly, the movie (no firm title yet, so let your pun-riddled imagination run wild) looks both at Lin’s unlikely run in the NBA as well at his humble background. Los Angeles-born and Palo-Alto raised, Lin shone at Harvard after being passed over by recruiters at college powerhouses, then bounced around pro basketball as an undrafted free agent before landing with the Knicks. The movie will also include elements of his Christian faith. The Lin doc is being directed by Evan Jackson Leong, Linโ€™s friend and a filmmaker in his own right. A former assistant to ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise director Justin Lin (no relation), Leong previously directed a documentary about Christianity in Asia titled ‘1040’ and also has been shooting Lin for years. The film will be produced by 408 Films and Endgame Entertainment, which previously produced the Oscar favorite ‘An Education’ and the documentary ‘Every Little Step;’ it’s currently working on a documentary series about American sports for HBO.”