A Quick Recap of the Jr Smith-Brandon Jennings Twitter Spat

by Adam Figman / @afigman

The price the Knicks are paying—both financially and with an ever-important roster spot—for Chris Smith, JR Smith’s little brother, has been well-documented over the past week. We’ve heard media members and fans alike gripe over the situation, but hadn’t heard a comment on the matter from an actual NBA player until last night, when Detroit guard Brandon Jennings tweeted…

Brandon deleted the tweet shortly thereafter—hence the embedded Holly MacKenzie retweet—but it made the rounds nonetheless. Jennings had a point: Pooh Jeter and Bobby Brown have both had decent stints in the NBA during the past few years and will both be playing in China during the upcoming Chinese Basketball Association season after failing to secure NBA contracts this past summer. Naturally, Brown and Jeter were appreciative of the kind words from their bro:

Jr Smith, not so much:

OK then. The first of those two tweets was retweeted by Chris, who chimed in with:

A pretty respectable response from the younger Smith. Big bro wasn’t finished, though.

Jennings, meanwhile, doubled down on his support for his homies:

But JR felt those words were a little less than real.

The good folks at PBT believe this was a reference to the time Josh Selby yammed on Jennings during a Goodman League game, which sounds both correct and more than a little irrelevant. Jennings then closed things out with a relatively reasonable take:

So, things this was not: beef, war, #peace, important. The Knicks visit the Pistons on November 19.