Kicks: adidas Takes On The Competition

by May 25, 2011

by Chris O’Leary/@olearychris

You’ve got to give adidas credit. The shoe company is standing firm behind its newest basketball incarnation, the adidas Crazy Light. At 9.8 ounces, it’s the lightest basketball shoe ever made. The company put an ad up on its Facebook page yesterday, comparing it to one of its biggest competitors and taking a slice out of them with a samurai sword.

To the best of my memory, this is the first time a rival of Nike has taken the company on directly since Reebok thought it could step into the ring with them with the technology of the Pump. It’s a bold move, but a fun process to watch unfold.

With the Crazy Light hitting retailers on June 3, has it piqued your interest? After watching a number of NBA players rock the shoes in the post-season, does that make you want the shoes?