Advice for the Bulls: Don’t Taunt LeBron James

by April 20, 2010

They learned this lesson the painful way last night. From Fox Sports: “James’ jaw-dropping dominance over the final eight minutes — spurred on by some voices on the Bulls’ bench asking him to shoot — included 15 crucial points, a handful of ill-advised jumpers that still went in and even one occasion where James forced a bad pass into traffic, ended up securing the loose ball himself and laid it in with two befuddled Bulls defenders looking at one another. It ended with a 2-0 series lead — and reason to wonder what those talkers on the Bulls’ bench were thinking. ‘Every time I caught the ball over there (by the Bulls’ bench), they were daring me to shoot, telling me that I couldn’t shoot or ‘You can’t make jump shots, so take the shot,'” James said. ‘So that’s what I did. They asked me to shoot jumpers and I did that — over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I continued to make them.’ After almost all of them, he glared at the Bulls’ bench.”