All-NBA Teams Announced

by Ryne Nelson

All-NBA teams have been selected since the League’s inception over 60 years ago. But instead of Bob Feerick and Bones McKinney making the First Team, it’s LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki.

There were a few small surprises, but nothing too mind blowing. Dirk notched an unexpected First Team bid over Timmy Duncan. Despite playing in 75 games this season, Duncan seemed hampered due to injury for much of the year. Dirk, for the billionth time, finished in the top five in scoring and notched at least 20 points in the final 25 games of the regular season. Well-deserved for Dirk, who has been on the First or Second Team for the past eight seasons.

Only four forwards have been First Team All-NBA selections since 2002. With some of the best forwards the game has ever seen passing their prime, a young forward may break the “barrier” as early as next season, joining LeBron on the First Team. Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh or Al Jefferson could be the ones to do it. If Kevin Durant is considered a forward, I don’t think there’s any question. But I can’t say. Who do you think will be the first forward to dethrone the Duncan-Garnett-Nowitzki troika?

The gap between Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul is surprisingly cavernous, considering the statistical fireworks CP3 displayed this season. Wade’s 103 First Team votes eclipse Paul’s by over 70. Brandon Roy, in his third season, is the youngest in terms of seasons in the League. Roy jumps ahead of Tony Parker despite not having a single First Team vote.

The center position is just depressing. Yao Ming could miss half the season next year and easily make the Second Team. That’s how wide the gap is between Howard, Yao and the rest of the League. Brook Lopez and Greg Oden are silly raw. Andrew Bynum could be a Third Teamer without injuries and a consistent starting role. Tyson Chandler has regressed so much. Andris Biedrins has fewer go-to offensive moves than Dwight Howard. So here’s my pick for 2010 All-NBA Third Team center: Andrew Bogut. Here’s hoping the Aussie can get healthy!

That’s assuming this is Shaq’s last year on the All-NBA list. The Big Cactus made his first First Team in 1998, fell to the Second Team in ’99 and reeled off an impressive seven more years of First Team selections before his abrupt fall in ’07-08. The Big All-NBA is back on the list in 2009, and he could be back again during his last go-around in 2010.

Position Player 1st Team Votes Points
Forward LeBron James 122 610
Forward Dirk Nowitzki 35 383
Center Dwight Howard 116 598
Guard Kobe Bryant 119 604
Guard Dwyane Wade 103 572
Forward Tim Duncan 39 378
Forward Paul Pierce 27 330
Center Yao Ming 8 354
Guard Chris Paul 32 424
Guard Brandon Roy 0 189
Forward Carmelo Anthony 2 116
Forward Pau Gasol 2 165
Center Shaquille O’Neal 0 68
Guard Tony Parker 1 158
Guard Chauncey Billups 0 131
Other notables, point totals: Deron Williams, 105; Kevin Garnett, 72; Chris Bosh, 56; Joe Johnson, 36, Kevin Durant, 34.

The All-NBA Teams were chosen by a panel of 122 sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada. The media voted for All-NBA First, Second and Third Teams by position with points awarded on a 5-3-1 basis.