Allen Iverson Calls Stephen Curry ‘A Whole Different Monster’

Recently, Allen Iverson was asked about Stephen Curry. And, as he has over and over, he heaped praise on Curry, gushing over his combination of insane handle and unbelievable shooting ability. It’s refreshing and pretty dope that—in a news cycle that’s been dominated by former NBA players (sup, Oscar) going out of their way to downplay the exploits of Curry and his contemporaries—Iverson is the one who consistently gives props to the new wave of amazing talents in the League.

Last year, AI admitted that Steph and Kyrie Irving probably have better handles than he ever did. This time around, Iverson’s quotes make him seem genuinely in awe of what Steph is doing. “You know you ain’t never seen nothing like this,” Iverson says. Indeed, Curry’s League-leading 30.5 ppg, more than 300 threes in a season and incredible efficiency are out-of-this-world, even to a guy as legendary as AI.

Here’s Iverson’s exact quotes on Steph, as reported by Brian Seltzer of