Allen Iverson Sued: $2.5 Mil

by February 04, 2010

Why, yes, it’s another legal battle for The Answer: “An Ohio resident has filed a civil lawsuit against former Piston Allen Iverson that seeks $2.5 million plus damages stemming from an alleged incident at a Detroit nightspot last spring. In an eight-page complaint filed in district court, Guy Walker claims he ‘suffered severe pain, emotional distress and mental anguish’ from injuries suffered during an altercation at the South Beach Pizza Bar on the night of April 11. Walker claims Antwuan Clisey, a Virginia resident, was working as a member of Iverson’s security detail when Clisey initiated an unprovoked attack that cleared the bar, and Iverson, who was escorted away from the scene, did nothing to stop the altercation. The complaint says Walker suffered ‘an orbital blowout fracture of the eye’ as well as other injuries.”