Allen Iverson Wants to Play for the Boston Celtics

by November 14, 2011

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Time and again since his NBA career was derailed, Allen Iverson has insisted to anyone willing to listen that he’d agree to play any role for any team in the L that wanted to take a chance on him.

But if he had his pick of teams, Iverson has a special preference for the Boston Celtics. According to Allen Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, A.I. would “relish” the chance to play in Beantown.

Reports the Boston Globe:

Knowing that the Celtics will be seeking help, Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, told the Globe his client would love to come to Boston. “I have already spoken to Allen about that and many other opportunities, and of course he would be interested in anywhere in the NBA but Boston is particularly attractive to him,” Moore said, “because of Danny Ainge, the organization, and one of the most respected coaches he knows in the business in Doc Rivers. “He has the utmost respect for Doc Rivers and the current roster of players. Allen would relish the opportunity to play in that organization.”

Iverson turned off many NBA executives by leaving the Grizzles because they used him as a bench player. He persuaded the 76ers that he was ready to return to form and contribute to a young team but he left the club because of personal issues and never returned. He hasn’t played in the NBA since February 2010, and even a brief stint with a Turkish team ended prematurely because of a calf injury. Moore said Iverson has regained his desire to play, resolved his personal problems, and will accept a bench role. “Allen has a lot of respect for the league and for the game and those who came before him,’’ Moore said. “But to get back into the league and to leave the way that he deserves to leave, that is very near and dear to him. It means the world to him.”

Allen Iverson in a Boston Celtics uniform — if nothing else — would be a fascinating basketball experiment.

The team has strong, veteran leadership on and off the court, and they could certainly use a scorer of Iverson’s caliber (assuming he has anything left in the tank.)

The Celtics’ front-office has also proven that they’re unafraid to take chances (unpopular ones, at that) with team personnel, so it wouldn’t exactly be shocking if they gave The Answer a serious look once the NBA gets back to business.