Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Seeks $1.2 Million in Child Support

by September 02, 2013

The latest twist in the ongoing legal drama between Allen Iverson and his ex-wife, is that she wants the former NBA superstar to fork over a lump sum payment of $1.2 million in child support payments. Per TMZ: “After the couple’s nasty divorce Iverson was ordered to pay $8000/month in child support for their 5 kids. Problem is, Tawanna has gone to court on numerous occasions because A.I. won’t pay. It came to a head in July when a judge threatened Iverson with jail, unless he forked over $40,000 in back support — which he did. But Tawanna says she doesn’t want to keep running into the same problem. On August 1st she filed docs asking a judge to make A.I. cover all the support through October 2026 (when their youngest turns 18). After the math, it comes to $1,272,000 which Tawanna wants put in a trust for the children. A court has yet to rule.”