Allen Iverson’s Knee Drained

by December 14, 2009

Charles Oakley may think he’s a cry baby, but Iverson isn’t letting the procedure on his knee stop him from suiting up tonight: “For the second straight day, Allen Iverson did not practice with the Sixers. Iverson had 55 CCs of fluid drained from his knee yesterday. The team said he is day-to-day with synovitis of the left knee. ‘I think my knee will be a lot better being as I got it drained,’ Iverson said. ‘I think they said 55 CCs. That’s a lot. That’s more than I ever had before. I think it stems from me starting so fast and not having a chance to get a chance to practice and stuff, and not doing any running, just not playing over a month and jumping right into the fire. Hopefully, that’s what it’s from. I guess as much as I play, I guess it will go away, hopefully.”‘