Anderson Varejao Wonders ‘Why Me’ Prior to Knee Surgery

by January 10, 2013

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Anderson Varejao is set to undergo knee surgery today, and he’s understandably frustrated, wondering aloud why he keeps getting hurt. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert considers the injury a “killer” for his team. Per the Plain Dealer: “This is the only thing in life that I’m scared of — getting hurt,’ Varejao said. ‘I’m not scared about playing against tougher guys. It’s just tough. Three years. It’s unbelievable.’ Last season, it was a broken wrist that limited Varejao to 25 games. One year before that, a torn ankle tendon held him to 31 games. And now, a quad tear that Varejao originally had hoped would heal on its own, will require surgery Thursday at the Cleveland Clinic. It’s the kind of string of bad luck that has forced Varejao to wonder why, at times. ‘It’s like ‘Why, again? Why me?’ Varejao admitted. ‘But it is what it is. It’s something I don’t have control of. All I can do is keep working, keep playing. Right now, just focus on my rehab and surgery to get better as soon as possible.’ Varejao said he hopes to return in time for the end of the season, with his earliest projected return coming Feb. 21. […] ‘It’s a killer for us,’ Gilbert said. ‘It is really, really disappointing — for him, especially, first as a player and as a person. He’s such a great guy. Every time I see him, everywhere I see him, he just can’t wait to get back in, wants to get back in, wants to play. He lives life the way he plays. He has that kind of personality. … I don’t know how you couldn’t love this guy for everything he is and everything he stands for. It’s a shame.’ […] His trademark sense of humor was intact, and he did not sound like a man about to fire a coach or general manager, as fans have called for recently. That being said, he called the Cavs record ‘dismal.’ … ‘Frankly, it’s embarrassing,’ he said. ‘I have no problem saying that … Next year I’m hoping we have a significant turnaround, and then we take it from there … Things will improve,’ he said to Cleveland fans, whom he calls the best in the world. ‘There are happier days ahead, I can guarantee that. … We will get through it and we will be better because of it. We are going to tough it out and continue down the path until we deliver championships in Cleveland, Ohio.'”