Andray Blatche’s Mom Blames Andray Blatche for Terrible Season

by March 30, 2012

Andray Blatche’s mother, Angela, is a woman who believes in the power of tough love for her struggling son. She’s convinced he can bounce back from this season, which has been a total nightmare, and return to the Wizards’ lineup stronger than ever. From the WaPo: “Angela Blatche — or Miss Angie, as some Verizon Center employees call her — pointed to a recent visit to D.C. as an example. ‘We went to the wax museum and we were walking down the street when I was visiting him and a bus driver literally stopped his bus and said, ‘keep your head up, Blatche,’ Angela said. ‘I remember an old lady a couple of weeks ago who walked up and poked him in the stomach and said, ‘You keep your head up. Just play.’ Blatche was sidelined earlier this month because of his ‘lack of conditioning,’ giving him plenty of time to think about what he needs to do to ‘just play.’ ‘When I get out of the car in the garage [at Verizon Center] and I come up the stairs, I feel like I’m walking through my house. I feel like I’m at home,’ she said. ‘And when I went out to the game and I sat in my seat, when Andray touched the ball and I heard the fans boo, I can’t even tell you what my insides felt like. I was so upset, because I know where my son’s heart is.’ The conversation between the two that first night still sticks with Blatche. She said, ‘They’re booing you because they know the potential that you have, the type of player that you can be,’ Blatche said. ‘She feels like I’m not doing everything I can do to be that player and I need to work harder and stay more focused. She said it’s no one’s fault but my own. It hurt a little, but sometimes you need the truth.’ […] The late nights in the gym will take care of the conditioning, but the mental focus might be a little harder to come by. While Blatche’s mom doesn’t know what will eventually get him there, she’s convinced it will happen. ‘Yes, he is wounded by this and probably very much disappointed,’ Angela said. ‘But he will fight through this and he will definitely get over this.’”