Andre Iguodala Hates to Play in National TV Games

You’d think that most pro athletes would love the spotlight that nationally-televised games offers them. Not so, says Andre Iguodala, who finds that these over-hyped matchups aren’t good for players’ psyches. Per the San Fran Chronicle:

“I hate (national) TV games,” the Warriors’ starting small forward said after Monday’s shootaround. “TV games can play tricks on you. You want to play at a high level every night, but you can kind of see how some guys may get up a little bit more for TV games, and that might mess with the flow. Guys want to show the world what they can do, and it should be more than that.

“You should want to play well as a unit on national TV. When you have young guys, guys might shoot a couple of extra shots that they normally don’t shoot, so TV games are dangerous. They can be trick games.”