Andre Iguodala on Sitting vs Spurs: ‘I Do What Master Say’

by March 11, 2017
andre iguodala

After Friday’s 103-102 loss to the T-Wolves, Warriors coach Steve Kerr announced that he would be resting Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala during today’s ABC Primetime matchup against the Spurs.

Asked whether he knew about his upcoming night off, Iguodala responded, “Nope, no clue. I do what master say.”

Iguodala also blurted out another racially insensitive comment when asked about what led to the loss.


“We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n—-s, so I’m going to give y’all a dumb n—-.”

Asked whether the Warriors’ issues run beyond scoring, Iguodala responded:

“What would a dumb n—- say? ‘Just play harder. Figure it out. Change gonna come.’ You know what we used to say. Change gonna come.”

Iguodala later clarified his “master” remark, saying that it was locker room talk.

“Me and Steve are cool,” Iggy said. “[People] can think what they want to think.”

Warriors Resting Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala Vs Spurs