Andre Iguodala on Way Out of Philly?

by May 08, 2011

Could the Sixers’ most well-rounded player be shipped elsewhere this summer? The Philly Inquirer believes so: “You don’t need a microscope to read between the lines of Andre Iguodala’s postseason quotes. If you want to be somewhere, or do something, you rarely bury the admission beneath layers of verbiage. There’s an extra pair of tickets to the Phillies game at work: First come, first served. We’ll take them. Do you kids want to go to Disney World? Yes! An answer to a straightforward question is simple, but Iguodala’s answer to the question, ‘Do you want to play for the 76ers next year?’ was anything but. Here was his first attempt: ‘I expect to be back in the NBA,’ Iguodala said after the team’s season-ending loss to the Miami Heat in the NBA playoffs. ‘It’s always been a dream of mine to play ball. This has been a great ride so far, not just with the Sixers, just playing basketball in general. I’m really looking forward to getting some rest this summer, just letting my body recuperate and get back to 100 percent, and I’m really looking forward to next year being my best year in the league.’ Not his best with the Sixers, but his best in the league. When asked to clarify his answer – considering it was anything but clear – Iguodala continued down the same fuzzy path. ‘I think it’s something I’ve always dreamed about, playing in the league,’ Iguodala said. ‘Once I got here, I think I’ve always wanted to be in one place, not having to move around a lot, being comfortable in one spot.’ Iguodala never actually said he didn’t want to return to the Sixers. He danced around igniting an aggressive offseason controversy, but he tossed in a cup of passive-aggressiveness for confusion. Iguodala has not asked Sixers management for a trade, but the team will be looking to trade him this summer. Sixers coach Doug Collins has finally found a nucleus of guys – Thaddeus Young, Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams, and Jodie Meeks – who enjoy playing for the Sixers. Veteran power forward Elton Brand, in addition to having an anchor of a contract, serves as a complementary presence for those guys.”