Andre Iguodala: ‘There’s Not Going to Be a Season’

by August 09, 2011

Andre Iguodala isn’t exactly optimistic about the NBA team owners and players reaching an agreement to save the 2011-’12 season. CSN Philly reports: “Andre Iguodala likes to speak his mind. Sometimes that gets him into hot water because his words aren’t always what people want to hear. So Monday morning, when on the 13th fairway at Trump National Golf Club, Philadelphia, the seven-year NBA veteran said ‘You know there’s not going to be a season’ one wanted to respond ‘Say it’s not so.’ Instead, there was a thought that Iguodala is just speaking the truth. ‘I didn’t think it would be this bad,’ Iguodala said, playing in an outing for Stars Within Reach, a foundation that encourages and helps children pursue their dreams. ‘I thought with the season we had and the TV ratings that we had and this being one of the largest grossing revenue season’s in the history of the game, you would think that we would be able to reach an agreement. But we are so far apart.'”