Andre Kirilenko’s Home in Salt Lake Was Robbed

by September 12, 2014

Despite Utah having a reputation as “the safest place on Earth”, former Jazz star and current Brooklyn Nets forward Andre Kirilenko’s Salt Lake home was broken into last weekend.

A friend of the Kirilenkos drove past their house in the Federal Heights neighborhood and noticed the garage doors were open. Per the Deseret News:

“I can’t say it is a pleasant feeling. It definitely is a little bit uncomfortable,” Kirilenko’s wife Masha Lopatova said.


She believes the burglars were likely “young and amateur” because a collection of Marvel action heroes was also taken, but more valuable artwork was left behind. […] “It was time for a cleanup anyway. They kind of helped us,” she quipped. “It’s definitely not a very pleasant thing when someone does this without permission. They should have asked. We would have given it to them.”


Lopatova noted that the burglary is a bit ironic because “Utah has a reputation of being the safest place on Earth, and you never think something like this can happen in Utah. We never locked the doors in 10 years (when we lived there) and nothing ever has been stolen. The time we locked the doors and we weren’t home, someone breaks in.” […] “It can happen everywhere, even in safest place on Earth,” she said. “Truly (Utah) is the safest place on Earth.”