Andrea Bargnani Calls Toronto Raptors the Worst Team in the NBA

by December 14, 2012

Embattled Toronto Raptors big man Andrea Bargnani has opened up to the media quite a bit of late. He admits to feeling depressed about his injuries and the state of the organization. Not only that, but Andrea considers the Raptors the NBA’s worst team (he’s not too far off; Toronto currently stands as the second-worst squad in the L.) Per the Italian paper La Gazzetta dello Sport (translated by Sportando): “It is hard to say now when I will be back. For sure, I am going to miss at least three weeks. In 10 days I will have my arm examined. Everything has gone wrong right from the beginning of the season. We were built to win but we don’t. We are the worst team in the NBA right now. We are way below all the expectations. None of us got the confidence for playing with the others. We won only four games. It is a tragedy. From every point of view it is a desperate situation. We have been losing for four years. In order to improve we need to win. But we haven’t so far. I have been criticized? This is not the first time I am being criticized. But it doesn’t affect me. Trade rumors? I hear the rumors. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. I am ready for anything. I am a basketball player. If I have to play in another city I will go. Otherwise I will stay in Toronto. It is my job. Rumors about the Lakers? I’ve never been coached by D’Antoni. So, I don’t have an opinion about his system. Lakers are a team with many problems but they have been unlucky because they play without [point guards]’. The interviewer, Davide Chinellato, told him that on the Lakers he would play with Dwight Howard, a dominant center which could be what Bargnani needs. ‘I’m having my career and improving year-by-year. It’s the team that needed a dominant center more than I do. If I play bad it is my problem but If Raptors lose each year then it’s several people’s problem.'”