Andrew Bogut: Kevin Durant Deal ‘Done Long Before the Summer’

Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors did not come as a surprise to Andrew Bogut.

The big fella thinks the two sides basically had an agreement in place before the free agency period began.

The Dubs quickly shipped Bogut to Dallas after snagging KD.


Was it tough for you to focus on the season in front of you, or were you able to shut all that out?


A.B.: “No, it is what it is. We had so many distractions off the court that we could have got caught up into. Not just that, [but] every day was something different. We had full-time people from ESPN following us on every trip. We had all kinds of stuff going on. That’s just something you’ve got to block out. It was just, compared to a 7-8-9 seed or a 5-6-7 seed, it was magnified a hundredfold because of the record and everything. So it felt like a lot of times during the season that every game was a Finals game because of the record. I don’t know what bearing that had on wearing us out and guys getting hurt toward the playoffs, but it definitely took a bit of a toll.”

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