Andrew Bogut Says OKC ‘Exposed’ the Warriors in the Playoffs

Former Warriors center Andrew Bogut says the OKC Thunder “exposed” Golden State during their seven-game postseason bloodbath last summer.

Bogut isn’t the first person to point out that the Warriors’ defense isn’t what it was the last couple of years.

The big fella will face his old team for the first time tonight.

Per USA Today:

Q: How much have you watched them, and what do you see on the defensive end – where they’ve been struggling?


A: “I haven’t seen a lot of games. I’ve seen two halves. I saw the San Antonio game, and I saw the Lakers game (both losses). Moving and stuff (from the Bay Area to Dallas), and getting League Pass set up, doesn’t help. It’s an adjustment for them. Obviously (Warriors forward) Draymond (Green), we had a really good sync defensively where when he got beat I was there. When I got beat, he was there, and it was automatic. We didn’t have to talk about it. It was just reads. We knew how to play, and Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) did a good job of funneling guys to me and Draymond. Obviously they have to adjust to that when they go small now.


“I think OKC exposed us a little bit last season (in the seven-game conference finals) when we went small and they went big. They kind of exposed it. They went the anti-death lineup, which was staying true to who they were and should have beaten us hypothetically, so I think they’ll figure it out. I think it’s a long season. The season is too long. They’ll get in a groove here pretty soon, I’m pretty sure. Hopefully it’s not (on Wednesday night).”

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