Andrew Bynum Already Loves the Philadelphia 76ers

by Eldon Khorshidi | @eldonadam

It would be an understatement—maybe even an injustice—to say the city of Philadelphia is excited about their new-looked basketball team. At an introductory news conference Wednesday, newly acquired Sixers Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson addressed 2,000-plus screaming fans, showing their excitement to be an integral part of Philly’s future. Bynum, who is expected to be the centerpiece of the organization, is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent after next season. As he walked to the podium, he was showered with near-deafening chants of “An-drew By-num” and “Beat L.A.” And just like the mass of people in attendance, the 24 year-old center was smiling from ear to ear. When the question of his long-term status was raised, Bynum said he’s so happy with his new home that he’s already leaning towards staying for a long, long time.

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At least 15 minutes before Bynum, Richardson, majority owner Joshua Harris, CEO Adam Aron and president Rod Thorn ascended the podium in the sprawling, gorgeous atrium, the crowd was working itself into a frenzy. Sixers coach Doug Collins, fresh off his stint as a basketball analyst, sat in the front row, smiling from ear to ear. Asked if he was considering signing a contract extension with 76ers, Bynum got another roar out of the fans by saying, “Seeing them last year, what Doug (Collins) did with them. They’re a young team with a lot of energy. To be honest, my first experience here’s been so great, I’m really looking forward to making this my home. I’m excited about this team.” To which Harris, grinning from ear to ear, responded: “Where do I sign.”