Andrew Bynum and His Hair Say They Will ‘Definitely’ Play This Season

by February 19, 2013

Philadelphia Sixers center Andrew Bynum spoke to the media after today’s practice, and removed some of the growing doubt about his ability to play basketball this season. Bynum — sporting an amazing new hairstyle — promised that he will hoop for the Sixers this year. Per “Bynum said he won’t rush to get back in the lineup, even though his team is struggling. ‘I’m focused on getting back and being right versus trying to rush,’ he said. When asked if his knee was improving or if he was playing through the pain, Bynum said that he was ‘more tolerating’ the pain. ‘Without any type of intervention, or surgery, I think I just have to deal with [the pain],’ Bynum said. He also hinted that the pain may never go away. ‘I think that after you’ve played in this league for some time, and logged a lot of games, I think you just wind up getting used to these sort of things. And this is something I’ll just have to get used to.’ […] ‘I don’t think anyone’s more upset than myself,’ he said. ‘I have the most to lose by not playing and I want to get back. And I could really care less. People are going to support me when I’m doing well and they’re going to talk when I’m doing poor and not playing. That’s just the business that I’m in and you accept that as an athlete and keep going.’ Bynum believes the fans are justified in their disappointment, however. ‘They want to win. I want to win. So it’s going to be frustrating, but no fan can tell you that they’re more frustrated than I am. They don’t play and, uh, I do.'”