Andrew Bynum May Be Out Until November

by September 26, 2010

So now do you think Drew made a mistake waiting to have surgery? He doesn’t, even though he’ll be out a long while. Marc Spears reports: “Bynum said Saturday during the Lakers’ media day that he doesn’t expect to be back playing until late November. Bynum had surgery on his right knee on July 28 and said he needs to rest his leg for another four weeks before he can even begin working out in earnest. The Lakers open their season Oct. 26 against the Houston Rockets. ‘I see more towards the end of November,’ Bynum said. ‘The doctors are telling me this could be somewhere around there. There’s no exact date.’ Bynum played with pain in the knee throughout the playoffs… Lakers coach Phil Jackson said he didn’t have a problem with Bynum waiting to have surgery. Bynum also didn’t know his rehabilitation process would take so long until the surgery revealed more damage in his knee than expected. ‘You kind of got to be ready to go into surgery,’ Bynum said. ‘I don’t think that’s the thing you want to do coming off a long season and coming off a championship. I kind of took my time with it, and I’m fine.'”