Andrew Bynum May Not Play Until December

by October 04, 2010

Bynum tells the LA Times that his recovery from knee surgery may be slower than previously thought. Phil Jackson has no idea why this is, which is just terrific: “Bynum said a week ago he would be back in late November, a timetable that disappointed most Lakers followers, but even that prediction might have been optimistic. Bynum said Sunday he might not be back until December. ‘Yeah, it’s a possibility,’ he said. ‘I’ve got a little bit of pain still. It just depends on when I’m cleared.’ Bynum said he would see his doctor in three weeks and hoped to begin weight-bearing exercises after that. He had knee surgery in late July. Jackson seemed perplexed by Bynum’s December forecast. ‘He’s been saying that,’ Jackson said. ‘I don’t know why he’s talking about December. He can get weight-bearing activities started at the end of this month. Can you play in two weeks [after that]? Can you play in three weeks? Four weeks puts you at the end of November. So let’s just let it happen and not talk about what the timing is.'”