Andrew Bynum Ready For L.A./Boston Finals

by May 23, 2010

Someone should tell Bynum that neither Conference Finals series is over yet. As the L.A. Times tells it: “L.A. fans on Wednesday fast-forwarded to a meeting in the Finals with a certain green-and-white-clad nemesis, chanting ‘We want Boston!’ near the end of Game 2 at Staples Center against the Suns. Boston moved one step closer Saturday night, beating Orlando, 94-71, to take a 3-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals. And, a few hours earlier, Lakers center Andrew Bynum edged forward, although, in fairness, he was asked about the possibility of facing the Celtics, not volunteering to speculate. ‘It’s going to be amazing playing against those guys again,’ Bynum said after practice at the team’s training facility in El Segundo. ‘Because we lost [in 2008], we’re going to have a lot of fuel and a lot of ammo. They’re definitely a great team. They have great veterans on their squad. . . . The first step is closing out Game 3, and then after that, we’ll be focusing.’ Actually, Game 4 would still be required.”