Andrew Bynum Says Knees are Feeling Much Better

by December 17, 2012

He continues to watch games from the bench, but Andrew Bynum is encouraged enough to report that his troublesome knees are feeling a whole lot better of late. The big man hopes that doctors will soon clear him to start taking part in real basketball activities. From the Philly Daily News: “Andrew Bynum was in a good mood. Perhaps it was because a bunch of his old teammates from the Los Angeles Lakers were in town. Or peerhaps, as he said, his bothersome left knee is feeling much better. Later this week Bynum will have a checkup with his doctor, during which time and MRI may or may not be performed on both of his knees. Whatever happens, though, Bynum is look for just one thing – ‘hopefully I’m cleared for impact.’ […] While Bynum has done nothing more than observe during his time here, he appears to be itching more than ever to get back on the floor. His doctor’s visit on Thursday will go a long way on letting everyone know how soon that is to happening. ‘I think I could do wonders for this team because right now we don’t have a lot of post threat and that would help free up a lot of our guys from the outside – knock down shooters and Jrue and Evan are playing a lot with the ball right now so it would be good to join them and Thaddeus, also. The update is that I’m feeling much better. From the beginning of this year, the state of the injury when I see the doctore hopefully I’ll be cleared for impact. Only the left knee (is hurting) the right knee is fine.’ Asked if it was doing better than last week when he said it hurt just to walk, Bynum said: ‘It’s better from then, definitely improvement. Not really, just shooting around a little bit with the guys. I’m starting to feel better.'”