Andrew Bynum to Return on December 14th?

by December 08, 2010

The latest moving target according to both Bynum and his coach is next week in D.C. The Daily News reports: “If coach Phil Jackson had his druthers, center Andrew Bynum will play next Tuesday when the Lakers visit Washington to play the Wizards. ‘I hope to,’ Jackson said. Whether Bynum can is still up in the air … ‘We can’t put him through any more drills or anymore activity or anymore practices that can (equal) what he gets in a game,’ Jackson said. ‘Eventually he’s going to have to get on the court and find out  hey I’m ready to play at game-time speed.’ Once he does – the latest estimate is sometime next week – the Lakers will be close to finally having the team they envisioned coming into the season: Bynum starting alongside Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom returning to the bench, where he and backup center Theo Ratliff will provide coverage at power forward and center. ‘We’ve always had a lot of depth with our big guys, we’ve had that as a support,’ Jackson said. ‘This year we’re a little thin and it cost us in the process. But hopefully Theo gets back and Andrew gets back and we’re then feeling like we’re 100 percent.'”