Andrew Bynum’s Hair Inspired by ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’ from ‘The Boondocks’

There’s no telling when Andrew Bynum will play basketball again. Which means he has plenty of time to work on his hair, to the delight of everyone (Sixers fans exempted.) Bynum helpfully explains that some of his hairstyle was inspired by a character on the great animated show “The Boondocks“. Andrew Bynum is the best. Per the Delaware County Daily Times: “How much higher can the afro grow? ‘Oh man, I want it to go forever, man. There’s going to come and point in time where it’s not going to be growing, so I might as well enjoy it while I have it.’ Why flatten it like Dora the Explorer that one time? ‘It wasn’t Dora, man. It was ‘Pimp Named Slickback’ (a character from The Boondocks cartoon). No, I flattened it because it gets boring picking it out all the time.'”