Angry Flip Saunders Walked Out of Wizards’ Practice

by November 09, 2010

Man, it’s a good thing Flip never had to coach Allen Iverson. Bullets Forever has the details from yesterday’s fireworks: “Five minutes after the media was let onto the main court for practice, Flip Saunders walked off the court and canceled practice due to the lack of effort and the barking that was taking place over disputed calls. A second practice was rescheduled for 4PM with no media availability. Just how bad was the practice? From what I witnessed there was a lot of sloppy play and the players were just going through the motions. However, it might be better to have Josh Howard’s perspective on the matter. Was it the worst practice the Wizards have held? ‘As far as focus, yeah. I got out there today and I could feel the intensity level go up when I was out there. But when I came out it was like guys forgot the game. It’s tough to watch that … 1-4, I’ve been in situations where I’ve started out 0-5 and made it to the Finals. It’s a correctable mistake. Guys need to go out there and sell it to one another. As the players slowly filed off the court Hilton Armstrong gathered the troops and insisted that they come back for the second practice with the necessary sense of urgency and effort.”