Antawn Jamison is Contemplating Retirement

by January 17, 2011

Jamison has recently made it clear that he can’t take much more of the losing and humiliation in Cleveland, and now the word “retirement” is floating around in his head. FanHouse reports: “The Cleveland forward already has started to think about retirement. He said before Saturday night’s 127-99 loss to Denver at the Pepsi Center that next season, the last on his contract, could be the final one of his NBA career. ‘Definitely,’ Jamison, 34, said. ‘I’ve done a lot, man. This is my 13th year and next year will be my 14th year. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to say that they’ve played for that many years. And to know that I’ve left everything I throw on the court has been a blessing for me.’ Jamison, making $13.36 million this season and $15.08 million next season, said there’s a chance he could look to sign on for one more year after that. But then that definitely would be it. ‘I know the window of opportunity is closing in … for my career,’ said Jamison, averaging 16.5 points this season for the woeful Cavaliers. ‘Physically, I can play the game for another five or six years. Mentally, I got another one or two years in me. I can live with that. I’ve enjoyed my career and done a lot of things. The only thing I got to do is to win a championship. But I got one more year left on my contract. If nothing happens by then, I can be happy with it being a career unless an opportunity comes up to play for one year after that. But I got four kids (ranging in age from 1 to 10 with wife Ione). I’ve been away from home a long time. There’s nothing wrong with being daddy day care and just enjoy life with them. I can actually see myself doing that (after next season). … I’ll go to PTA meetings.'”