Antawn Jamison Wants DeRozan

by June 23, 2009

Playing the role of GM, Jamison would have the Wiz pick DeMar in the NBA Draft: “In a relatively surprising move, Antawn Jamison did not take a member of North Carolina’s championship team (I’m half-kidding). Jamison went with USC freshman swingman DeMar DeRozan. But when you read his explanation, you will see the North Carolina connection (there had to be one, right?). Jamison says: ‘He reminds me of Vince Carter as a Tar Heel — the build, the body and athleticism. He could’ve been a top pick if we didn’t have the age limit. But he’ll benefit from the veterans, and in two or three years, he can be a household name.’ Interesting, eh? One, that Jamison feels that he would benefit from being around the vets. And two, that he is willing for DeRozan to be a household name ‘in two or three years.’ Jamison just turned 33 this month and his deal ends in three years.”