Anthony Davis on Board With Alvin Gentry’s Changes

by July 27, 2015

New Orleans Pelicans superstar forward Anthony Davis is excited to play for incoming head coach Alvin Gentry.

AD was bummed to see the Pels get rid of Monty Williams, but believes Gentry is the right person to take him to the next level.

Davis, 22, says signing a monster long-term deal in New Orleans this summer was a no-brainer.

Per the AP:

“I definitely love his playing style,” Davis said. “My teammates, they have a lot of confidence in coach Gentry. I think that’s why everybody’s coming back. […] In order for us to be that contender that we want to be, we have to have a lot of chemistry, which we have from the past few years,” Davis added. “So it’s good that everybody’s going to come back and we’re going to be able to have that chemistry ready for coach’s new system.”


Davis said the Pelicans’ current roster still has a lot of upside because core players are young and some key players such as Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson are still working their way back to better health from injuries in the past couple seasons. […] “We know that guys were hurt and we could be way better than we were last year, and that’s the scary thing about our team,” Davis said.


It also meant a lot to Davis to see Gentry look into a TV camera during the Warriors’ locker room celebration immediately after Golden State had won the title, saying, “A.D., we’re going to be right back here!” […] “That’s the biggest thing that really got me excited because he wasn’t just saying that to say it. He really believes that,” Davis said. “Saying it after he just won was another thing, you know? So you’re thinking about (how) the Pelicans are trying to win next year when you could be enjoying your time with Golden State.”

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