Anthony Mason in Charge of Saving Eddy Curry (UPDATE)

by October 15, 2010

The NY Post reports that the Knicks have put what’s left of Eddy Curry’s career in Anthony Mason’s hands: “Mason, a former Knicks forward who embodied the team’s defense and toughness from the 1991-1996 glory days, wore a Knicks coaching shirt yesterday and appeared briefly on the court. But mostly Mason’s work with Curry will be behind the scenes, in the weight room where they will be workout partners. Curry, who could be cleared for practice in the next two weeks, is out with a right hamstring strain, but the Knicks also want him to lose more weight and Mase is on the case. Curry was not permitted to go to Milan and Paris, partly to work out with Mason. Mason, out of Springfield Gardens, is trying to get back into the league as a coach/special instructor.

UPDATE: The Knicks might want to think about hiring a financial advisor for Eddy. TMZ has the latest on Curry’s money problems: “Curry is being sued by a company called Mojo Development — who claims they loaned the 7-footer $200,000 back in 2008 … but Curry never paid it back. According to the lawsuit, filed days ago in L.A. County Superior Court, Curry is also on the hook for a $25k ‘consulting fee’ and $136,000 in interest from the loan.”