Antonio McDyess is Ready for Retirement

by December 17, 2010

McDyess sounds like he’s basically too old for this sh*t. He tells FanHouse that the time for him to hang up his sneakers for good is fast approaching: “Barring an unexpected turn of events, the San Antonio Spurs forward will retire after this, his 16th season. ‘No doubt,’ McDyess said. ‘I’ve been in it for 16 years. I’m tired. My body is breaking down. I’m just tired. Enough is enough.’ …  ‘If I’m willing to retire, definitely it’s not about the money right now,’ McDyess said. ‘(Playing) 16 years is a long time. I had fun. I’ve been blessed to play that long. Just to get to this point of my career is definitely a great thing. But I know when to say, ‘No (more).’ I know when to stop because I can’t do it no more. I’m out there and can’t run around with young guys and waking up with achy bones for no reason. That’s kind of telling me it’s time to let it go.’ McDyess did acknowledge there’s a slim possibly he could come back for a 17th season. ‘I hate to say never, that I won’t (ever play again) because I still love the game,’ McDyess said. ‘But if you ask me right now, it will definitely be, ‘Yes, I’m done after this year.’ … It’s a strong, strong, strong yes (of retiring after this season). … I’m pretty sure I will retire, but I still got friends that still say, ‘Hey, Dice give us one more year.'”