Aquille Carr Offered Contract by Tracy McGrady’s Chinese Team

Aquille Carr’s professional career in China has begun. After posting 15 points and 8 assists in Chengdu followed by 9 points and 7 assists in Shenzhen against the Bayi Rockets during the USA Legends Tour, Carr was offered a contract in China for next season.

“How does it feel to have your first CBA contract offer?” Shanxi Brave Dragons owner Max Shicanbin asked Carr.

Shocked, Carr said that he would have to talk with his agent. But Tracy McGrady stepped in and volunteered to assume the role, playing both sides of the fence with the owner of the club he played for until he joined the Spurs.

“We want stability,” McGrady said in his new role of player representative. “We also want a guaranteed contract and position on the team.”

SLAMonline had the chance to talk with Carr after the game, and he was humbled by the opportunity to spend an entire season in China.

“It feels good. I came out here with an opportunity to show my talent and they really appreciate me,” Carr said of his time in China playing alongside T-Mac, Jason Williams, and Co. on the tour. “I love the atmosphere, the fans and the games here. The only thing is the food, but I’m trying my best to get used to that.”

While it’s far from a certainty that the Crime Stopper will be rocking a Qingdao jersey next season, the team appears to be putting the full court press on the 19-year-old point guard.—Rodger Bohn / @rodgerbohn