Are Nate Robinson and David Lee Goners from NY?

by April 16, 2009

It’s certainly a possibility: “David Lee headed through the tunnel and I caught his eye. Yeah, he was wondering it too. Would this be his last time stepping off that floor wearing a Knicks uniform? ‘It’s a realistic thought to have,’ he admitted before the meaningless blowout of the Harris-and-Carter-less Nets in Game 82. Nate Robinson was having too much fun to get wrapped up in nostalgia. Win or lose, N8 the Gr8 is always giddy. Perhaps that’s the biggest issue when it comes to the debate about whether to re-sign the 5-9 energizer or use his trade value to improve another area of the team. They are both fan favorites, both players who grew up in the midst of the Isiah Thomas cesspool and developed into rare bright spots from a dark era in franchise history. But where do they go from here? Can they both be part of the renaissance?”