ASG Votes Are In: Iverson Among Top Guards in East

by December 25, 2009

by Tzvi Twersky

A few weeks back, when the All-Star game voting results were first publicized, Tracy McGrady sat as one of the starting guards out West. Being that he hadn’t yet played a game at that point and being that he’s only played  half a dozen since then, the amount of votes he possessed left many upset. Well, to those of you who were enraged, there’s no need to be anymore; McGrady has slipped behind Steve Nash falling to third in the category of guards.

The biggest surprise as of the new tally’s publication? Allen Iverson. With over 600,000 votes, if the ASG was today, AI would be starting in the East’s backcourt alongside Dwyane Wade.

The leading vote getter overall is Kobe Bryant who, with 1,380,383 votes, has 65,000 more than LeBron James.

Aside from Wade and Iverson, James, Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard would be starting for the East.

Out West, Bryant and Nash would be in the backcourt with Amar’e, Carmelo and Dirk filling out the center and forward positions.

The All-Star game will be played Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010, at Cowboys Stadium.

By the conlusion of voting in late January and by the  official final annoucement on January 21st, if Iverson continues missing games due to injury and the Sixers keep losing, who knows if he’ll still be in Dallas at all, let alone be in the starting lineup.