Assault Charges Against Aquille Carr to be Dropped

Pending the completion of a 22-week program with the House of Ruth, the domestic assault charges against highly-touted prep star Aquille Carr from an August incident will be dropped. From the Baltimore Sun: “Domestic assault charges against high school basketball standout Aquille Carr will be dropped if he completes a 22-week program with the House of Ruth, his attorney said. Carr, a rising senior and one of the better known names in high school basketball for his electrifying play, appeared in court Wednesday morning to stand trial on charges that he struck the mother of his child during an argument last month. But prosecutors agreed to place the case on the inactive docket on the condition that he complete a program with the House of Ruth, according to his attorney, Ivan J. Bates. He must attend 22 sessions that last about 90 minutes each, Bates said. If he does not complete the program, prosecutors have the option of reinstating the charges. A spokesman for the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office could not immediately be reached for comment. “He didn’t get any special treatment,” Bates said. “There were no injuries, and it was viewed as a mutual affray. I think both of them are very remorseful about the situation.”