Atlanta Hawks Not Left With Many Options at Center

by August 06, 2010

They passed on Shaq, and now must choose between Kwame Brown and a bunch of other big dudes no one wants: From the AJC: “Last month [Al] Horford said the Hawks needed to add an ‘impact’ center, and power forward Josh Smith agreed. Horford was an All-Star last season, but he’s undersized for the position by NBA standards. He said he is willing to share minutes with a bigger center. ‘I think that is the position we need if we want to be any type of contender in the East,’ Horford said. While Horford was an All-Star and Pachulia is an effective backup, the bigger front lines of Boston and Orlando figure to be tough challenges for the Hawks, should they meet those teams in the playoffs. There don’t appear to be any impact centers left on the free-agent market after two waves of signings. The Hawks were said to have some interest in Kwame Brown, who could provide some post defense but is limited on offense. Other centers yet to sign include Josh Boone, Francisco Elson and Brian Skinner.”