Audio: Jared Dudley Talks Nash, Stern, Lockout

by December 02, 2011

Phoenix Suns swingman Jared Dudley has long been one of the League’s most outspoken players. So when you hear him compare David Stern to a rapper’s hype man and proclaim that “ESPN pays him,” it might not be all that shocking. But his honesty is always refreshing, so when he recently sat down with Hard 2 Guard Radio to talk about the lockout and the Suns, we listened. Among his notable quotes were his thoughts on Steve Nash, about whom he says, “He’s the franchise, he’s the face. If he’s not there, you better have someone to sell tickets, because he sells tickets. I don’t care how bad we are, how good we are, they’re going to buy his jersey, they’re going to come watch him play.” Hear the whole interview below: