Austin Rivers on Big Baby: He Was ‘Constantly Out Of Shape, Late, [Forgot] Plays’

by May 31, 2017
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Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is still holding a grudge against his former coach Doc Rivers.

After riding the bench for most of the 2014-15 regular season, Davis claims that Rivers forced him to play on a broken ankle in the Clippers’ second-round playoff collapse against Houston, and then unfairly blamed him afterward.

Baby ripped into Doc while on Chris Broussard’s podcast in February, calling him “overrated” as a coach. Starting around 22:50:

“They pulled me aside when I was playing against Houston and told me, ‘You’re not playing the way you need to play. You’re not doing this…’ My ankle was broke. And they shooting me up, shooting me up, shooting me up every day to play.


“When you win a Championship with somebody, you don’t treat them like that. No matter if it’s a business of not.


“What Doc had in ’08 was special, and he was lucky as hell. The year before that, they was wearing trash bags. The next year, they win it, and now he’s one of the best coaches ever? I’m just not feeling that.

Doc’s son, Austin, heard these comments and fired back while on while guesting on FS1’s UNDISPUTED on Friday.

Rivers called Baby a hypocrite and a liar:

“That’s a bunch of B.S. That’s just Baby talking out the side of his neck.


“I’ve heard Baby tell me multiple times, ‘Oh you know why Doc is so good, Doc is so great.’ And now he’s saying bad things about him. It’s a huge contradiction.


“And I don’t have a problem with Baby. Me and Baby have always been cool. But it makes no sense what he’s doing.


“My pops said the jokes about his weight and stuff, but let me ask you something…


“If someone is constantly out of shape, late, don’t remember plays, how the hell are you supposed to play?”

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Trashes Doc Rivers