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By Sam Rubenstein

Rasheed Wallace gets lots of hate mail. And by Rasheed Wallace, I mean Natalie from Need4sheed. People seem to think that she is an NBA player.

Sactown Royalty takes a look at the Loren Woods signing. It seems like just yesterday Loren was freefalling in the draft and everyone was calling him soft. He was kind of like Chris Taft before Chris Taft.

Father Knickerbocker on Jared Jeffries. I refuse to beat this dead horse any further. All I wil say is that Jeffries had an incredible NCAA tourney and he’s not the worst possible player the Knicks could have signed.
CarnivalMaverick Moneyball – excuse me, Mavs moneyball had the most recent Carnival of the NBA the other day. The summer movie edition. They link to a blog called Bench Renaldo, which is written by someone named Mutoni whom you might be familiar with. When the Carnival comes around, it really cramps my linkin’ style. I have no problem with that. They’ve got what you need.

The NBA is, as they say, faaaaaaantastic. No, not the National Basketball Association. The Ninja Bikini Assassins.