Back to school

by September 03, 2008

By Konate Primus
For many college students this is the first week back in school but for many, its their first week of college ever. School shopping is such a hassle sometimes, we tend to  think we need all this crap to decorate the new living quarters and need to be freshest guy on campus. Here’s a few things you need to get and a couple you don’t really have to sweat if you don’t have but it sure is nice to have!

This one is for all my freshman, Daryl and Marty good luck!

First off the biggest change for a lot of you guys will be facing the fact that this is the first time your off the tit. Mommy is not coming up on weekends to do your laundry (at least she shouldn’t be) and if you aren’t the star your team at school you probably wont have to many young ladies doing your laundry either, so I suggest you learn how to do your own damn laundry. I’ll get you started, reds with reds, dark clothes with dark clothes and whites with whites (in this case its ok for you to segregate). Don’t bleach colors, only detergent it’s real simple stuff.  Recently I came across the best detergent I’ve ever used, honestly it actually knocks out the sweaty odor on the first wash, doesn’t fade and it cleans damn well. I suggest you use Win High performance Sport detergent, its made for athletes and is licensed by the USOC for cleaning all of the donated apparel after the games are done.

Available @

Next on the list are the smell goods… deodorant, soap, powder, cologne you know what I’m referring to. Party life is going to be in your face all the time, there is no escaping it, whether its a dorm gathering where people are getting drunk and playing cards or if its pajama party at the schools biggest hall the ladies like a brother with a good scent. For this scenario I suggest a scent that every time she smells she think of you. Roc-a-wear cologne 9 IX (ninety nine). It’s masculine, not too strong, not a lot of alcohol and comes in a really nice bottle.

Available Oct 08 @ Macy’s.

A fresh new fitted Cap to start off a new year at school always gets me on the right page. New Era 59/50 and nothing else!

Available where ever hats are sold.

I’m assuming you have these already but if not. Sweats, flip flops and abundance of condoms! If you’re a student athlete you will need those more than the average gentleman for obvious reasons, better safe than sorry…

Available @ sporting good stores for sweats and flip flops. Resident adviser for condoms.

Last  But not least you will Need some fly Fall outerwear. For now we’ll keep it nice and versatile with a down vest. I like this one by Adidas originals because its warm but light weight. Nowadays the weather is so unpredictable who knows what kind of weather your region is going to be experiencing this is good for just a bout any climate. Good for 70 degrees ( with a Tee) at So Cal or 40 -50 degrees ( with a hooded sweatshirt)at OSU. Do yourself a favor and go get one, tell ’em KP sent you.

available early October 08