Barack Obama on End to NBA Lockout: ‘Good Deal!’

by November 28, 2011

Like all other NBA fans, President Obama was thrilled to hear that a tentative labor agreement had been reached between players and owners. From CNN: “After playing basketball at Washington’s Fort McNair Army Base on Saturday, President Barack Obama seemed to approve the tentative deal reached earlier in the day to end the NBA lockout. When asked about the potential agreement, Obama gave a thumbs-up and said, ‘Good deal!’ NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Saturday that players and owners appear to have come close to an understanding that could lead to a Christmas Day opener for the basketball season. But even before that, fans will get a chance to see some pros face off in Washington in mid-December, that is if they’re willing to dish out some campaign cash for the president. A longtime basketball fan, Obama is slated to host the ‘First Ever Obama Classic’ on December 12, a fundraiser featuring current and former NBA players. Some big names have already signed up, including Boston Celtics’ guard Ray Allen and New York Knicks’ forward Carmelo Anthony.”