Baron Davis Looking to ‘Challenge’ Men’s Fashion in Documentary

by November 15, 2011

The NBA’s pre-eminent hipster has spent his lockout time working on a documentary, which he says is aimed at exploring what he sees as the steep fall of men’s fashion. The WSJ has the details: “Baron Davis is normally driven to distraction at this time of year by swarming defenses mustered against him on the courts of the National Basketball Association. But Mr. Davis, a 32-year-old point guard with a salary of $13 million, has other things on his mind, specifically the dismal state of men’s fashion. Mr. Davis has spent much of his time during the NBA’s lockout developing a documentary about the decline of style in the U.S. Now that the players have rejected the league’s latest offer and say they plan to file an antitrust lawsuit against the league, he may have a lot more time on his hands. The documentary, ‘American Schlub,’ is in pre-production. It takes aim at the poor sartorial standards of the American male, says Mr. Davis, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. ‘We used to be fashion forward,’ he laments. Now, ‘We’re more of a sweats and Ugg boots type of society,’ he says. ‘We wanted to challenge men, from that perspective.'”