Baron Davis Explains Why He Wants Back in the NBA

by September 01, 2015

When Baron Davis blew out his right knee during a 2012 Playoff game, he thought that was the end of his memorable NBA career.

After battling what he calls the “demon of doubt” for the last few years, B-Diddy writes that he’s ready both physically and emotionally to give the League one final shot.

Davis has remained active on and off the court during his retirement, and the 36-year-old appears serious about attempting a comeback (unlikely as it may seem.)


I was playing around. Once I got hurt and carried off that court in 2012 in Madison Square Garden, the Mecca and grand stage of basketball, I told myself it was over. Just forget you ever played and don’t bring it up. If anybody tries to remind you how much you love it, just brush it off as something that you were good at a long time ago. Give yourself amnesia. Tell yourself you hate playing the game and it will be easier to move on.


That’s what I missed…the purpose and feeling that I couldn’t find before. I found it this year. […] I’m focused. My conditioning is getting better and I am getting stronger. Hey, I’m starting to look like them and walk and talk like them again. Hell, these dudes are getting up to play against me again. Challenging me. Pushing me. Talking trash. I kinda like this. Wait until I get to where I know I can get to the level I need; wait until I am around a team and can really lock in on tools and start to sharpen them with some structure around.


This is a good feeling. I’m feeling good about this. I need to embrace this feeling and be more like these guys. I like this new generation. I want to be a part of it. I have something to offer, something valuable. I still got it, so they say. But it’s a long journey and now I’m fully committed to the journey, the climb, the hurt, the commitment, the unity and the brotherhood. […] This time around though, it’s more than me I’m doing it for! So, I have every reason to finish the journey.