Baron Davis Has Been Giving Advice to Derrick Rose

by January 12, 2013

BDiddy told longtime SLAM contributor, CSN Chicago’s Aggrey Sam, that he’s been giving advice and encouragement to the Bulls’ PG in his recovery. Davis certainly can empathize with the rehabbing Bulls PG: “Davis, who isn’t officially retired and is still rehabilitating his knee with the Knicks while serving as an unofficial team ambassador, has been keeping an eye on Rose’s progress, especially since the athleticism of the point guards at the same stage of their careers is remarkably similar. ‘It was a hard thing to go through, but mentally, it put me in a place where I just became even more reckless and went even hard. Coming back after the injury, I became more explosive because I learned how to jump properly. I learned how to balance it and both legs were strong, so I was able to jump off one leg, two feet, it didn’t really matter,’ he told ‘With D-Rose, he’s such a great athlete, that that’s the least of his problems and him being grounded for a little bit is going to help him improve his game and gradually get back to where he needs to be. But his footwork and everything, it’ll be better than it was before he got hurt.’ Davis, a Los Angeles native, met Rose, who spends his summers in L.A., there during a past offseason and has kept in touch ever since. After Rose’s injury last April, Davis has been dispensing advice to the younger player. ‘I text D-Rose all the time,’ said Davis, who called Rose his ‘favorite player in the league.’ ‘Just texting and keep encouraging him,’ he continued. ‘He’s got it. Just have supreme confidence and know that you’re coming back.'”