Baron Davis: Injured Since 2007

by November 07, 2010

Yesterday, word came down L.A. was looking to deal Baron Davis. Apparently it also came down that B. Diddy’s been hurting since 2007. Fanhouse has the 4-1-1: “Baron Davis insists criticism he’s gotten recently for not playing doesn’t bother him. Still, he wants it to be known he’s been hurting awhile… Well, try nearly four years. Davis said he’s continued to have problems with his left knee ever since he had arthroscopic surgery Feb. 13, 2007 while with Golden State. ‘It was during that year when I came back from the injury, and then we went on the run,’ said Davis, who returned March 5 that season and helped the Warriors to a shocking 4-2 first-round upset over defending West champion Dallas. ‘Then in the summer it flared up a lot and then the next year we just kind of monitored it and it would swell up a couple of days. We were able to kind of treat it, and kind of get it out of the way. I ended up playing in all 82 (games in 2007-08). Then the first year (with the Clippers in 2008-09) it came back in L.A. toward the end of the season. And last year it came back toward the end of the season. It just during (last summer) kept coming back and back. … Every year it just flares. It’s just annoying. It’s like no matter what I do, I have no control over it.'”