Baron Davis Looking to Turn the Cavs Into Winners

by March 08, 2011

B Diddy seems to think he can help re-create some of the magic he conjured up in Golden State for his new team. The Oakland Tribune reports: “It seems that since leaving the Warriors, Davis’ career has spiraled — from the face of the franchise in Oakland to rookie Blake Griffin’s sidekick in Los Angeles to Ramon Sessions’ backup in Cleveland. Certainly, the prevailing expectation was that he’d be unhappy in Cleveland, if he showed up at all. The Cavs are 12-50 entering Tuesday’s game against the Warriors, and from Dec. 20 to Feb. 9, they lost an NBA-record 26 games in a row. But where others see failure, Davis said he sees opportunity. He said he’s excited about playing for Cleveland because in the Cavaliers he sees a return to his glory years with Golden State. For the first time since he decided to jumped ship, Davis said he sees a chance to be himself again, to play his game. He has designs on finishing what he started with the Warriors, but in Cleveland. He has designs on creating We Believe II. ‘It’s the same situation as Golden State,’ Davis said. ‘Different weather, mind you. But the energy is here. I step into a situation with a bunch of young guys. The organization is great. We have really good folks that are going to push us and push me back to the top. I see this as an opportunity, more so than anything, for me to get back to where I am able to do the things that I am capable of doing.'”